Improve Your Website SEO with this 11+ Free Websites Backlink


Free Websites Backlink There are many ways to get backlinks today. One way is to use Free Websites Backlink. Free backlink websites are websites that give free backlinks to other websites.

Backlinks are one of the most important factors in improving website SEO. Backlinks are links from other websites that point to your website. The more backlinks that point to your website, the better your website’s position will be in search engines.

Here are recommendations for 11+ Free Websites Backlink to improve your website’s SEO

1. Garda Medan News is a local news website that covers a variety of information about rural development, academic activities, culture, economy, business, and politics in Indonesia.

In addition to this website, it also provides information on academic activities, culture, economy, business, and politics in Indonesia. Click here to see the latest information on

2. Warta Indonesia Online is a national news website that covers a variety of current information, especially a collection of sports news, entertainment, education, and comprehensive information from various trusted sources.

This website gives you a free backlink if you join their Facebook group. Click here to join.

3. Liputan6 Online

Liputan6.Online is a travel news website that covers a variety of content about technology and travel, both from Indonesia and abroad.

To get a free backlink from Liputan6.Online, you need to send an article to them that matches the keywords of your website.

4. Santri Web is an Islamic news website that provides a variety of information about education, technology, national news, santri news, economy, santri scholarships, santri education, and much more.

Keep up-to-date with the latest developments in the world of Islam by visiting the latest Islamic news website, a leading platform for Islamic news.

5. Aprimitive Place is an English-language media outlet that covers a variety of topics, including historical relics, indigenous cultures, the development of world civilizations, and places that are still unknown to the general public.

To get a free backlink from, simply send an article related to their niche website.

6. Ngopi Tekno is a review and tutorial website that discusses the latest developments in the world of technology. To get a free backlink from, simply send your best article to them.

7. Hotnesia News is a world corner-based website with many unique visitors each month. This website was originally one of the most popular astronomy websites in Indonesia. The latest information on astronomy makes a destination for not only local but also global visitors.

8. Media Profesi is a website that provides technology education, tips, tricks, and tourist destinations. To get a free backlink from, simply join their WhatsApp group.

9. Pai News is a national news portal that focuses on insurance and business. This website also discusses flora and fauna, tutoring, and world languages.

10. Teknouch is a website that discusses tips and tutorials about technology. This website has been registered for a long time and has a high domain authority and page authority. 11. is one of the most regional updated tech news in indonesia. The benefit of this site is contributor writer, you can write your article or editing the article inside this site and inserting your website link inside the article. wow!!


In addition to the 10 websites above, here are some other free backlink websites that you can try:

To get a backlink from a free backlink website, you need to follow the terms and conditions that apply to each website. These terms and conditions usually specify the rules for the content of the articles submitted, the keywords used, and the format of the articles.

By using free backlink websites, you can get quality backlinks that can help improve your website’s SE