12 Ideal Kids Twin Loft Bed

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Twin loft bed – If you need to furnish or reform your new bedroom and you are still thinking about the type of bed you want, and then we show all the bed sizes you can find. We will also analyze the pros and cons of opting for a bed of standard dimensions, small or large. In case the room is square, the ideal is to put L-shaped beds . They also offer a good storage possibility because the drawers are very spacious: they have the bottom of the bed. And they can carry a headboard module with a chest to increase the storage space. For whom it is essential to place a wainscot on the wall . Above all, if the children are small, because it protects the wall from possible bumps and spots.

But if the room is really small, the decorator recommends “opt for a twin loft bed 80 centimeters wide. In this way it is more likely that leaving the bed is some free space for their games. And do not underestimate the possibility of resorting to folding bed furniture. There are them with study tables included. There are in a vertical bunk and in a horizontal bunk. Sometimes they open both at the same time and sometimes independently. Of course, it is the best way to save space since almost the entire room is free during the day.

Whatever option you choose or you can afford, remember that order is essential in this type of twin loft bed space. So get storage pieces with wheels that can be placed according to your convenience. If you have space on the wall, make yourself a bookstore or place a piece of furniture hanging on the wall. If you do not have space for it, use shelves flown high, ideal for storing what is not used often.