The Mysterious Indonesian Tribe That Was Thought Extinct, Turns Out To Still Exist!

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Indonesia is a country rich in cultural and traditional diversity. There are many tribes in Indonesia that have lived for centuries and maintained their unique cultures and traditions. Some tribes are even considered mysterious because little is known about their history and way of life.

Some tribes that were thought to have gone extinct actually still exist in Indonesia. For example, the Baduy tribe who live in the Banten region of West Java. They live a very simple way of life and avoid outside influences. This tribe maintains its unique traditions and customs, such as the way they dress, cook, and build their houses.

The Mentawai tribe in the Mentawai Islands, West Sumatra, is also considered a mysterious tribe. They live in the forest and rely on the natural resources to survive. The Mentawai tribe has a very unique and distinctive tattoo tradition, which is still practiced today.

In addition, the Kubu tribe in Jambi and South Sumatra still exist although their numbers are dwindling. They live in the interior of the forest and maintain their unique traditions and beliefs.

These tribes are an important part of Indonesia’s cultural diversity. It is important for us to preserve their existence so that their unique cultures and traditions can continue to exist for future generations.