Hanging Stone: Tragic Love Legend in Lake Toba

APRIMITIVEPLACENET – Hanging Stone is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Lake Toba, North Sumatra. The stone is located in Tomok Village, Simanindo District, Samosir Regency. Hanging Stone has a unique shape, resembling a woman sitting with a dog.

According to the folk tale that has developed in the community, Hanging Stone was formed as a result of a tragic event that befell a girl named Seruni. Seruni was a beautiful and kind girl. She had a lover named Sidoli, but her parents wanted to marry her to her namboru’s (father’s sister) child.

Seruni did not want to marry someone she did not love. She refused the match. Seruni’s angry parents kicked her out of the house. Seruni, who was desperate, finally decided to commit suicide by jumping into Lake Toba.

When she jumped, Seruni’s hair got caught in one of the trees growing on the edge of the cliff. Seruni’s body was hanging there with her dog, which later became Hanging Stone.

Another version of this story says that Seruni did not commit suicide, but turned to stone because of a curse from a shaman. The shaman cursed Seruni for refusing the match that had been arranged by her parents.

Regardless of which version is true, remains a popular legend in Lake Toba. The stone has become a symbol of unrequited love and the tragic story of a beautiful girl.

Moral Values of the Hanging Stone Legend

The Hanging Stone legend has an important moral message, namely:

  • The importance of respecting the choices of others, including the choice of a life partner.
  • Do not force the will of others, because it can cause suffering.
  • True love will never die, even after death. The legend also teaches us to always take care of ourselves and not to do things that endanger ourselves.

Hanging Stone is now one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Lake Toba. The stone is a testament to the richness of Indonesian culture and history.(MIS)