Iram: The Cursed City Hidden Beneath the Sands of Arabia

APRIMITIVEPLACE – Deep within the heart of the Saudi Arabian desert lies an ancient city shrouded in mystery and considered cursed by the Muslim faith. This city, known as Iram or Madain Saleh, was a place avoided by the Prophet Muhammad and his companions.

The story of Iram begins with the Thamud people, an ancient society that inhabited the region around 2,000 years ago. The Thamud were known for their physical strength and their ability to carve stone. However, they were also known as a proud, rebellious people who were prone to sin.

Prophet Saleh was sent by Allah to guide the Thamud people back to the righteous path. However, they rejected Prophet Saleh’s teachings and continued to worship idols. As punishment for their arrogance and disbelief, Allah sent a devastating punishment upon the Thamud.

One day, as the Thamud gathered in a valley, a thunderous roar shook the earth. A massive mountain erupted, spewing fire and smoke that burned them to ashes. A powerful wind swept them away, destroying their homes and burying their city beneath the sand.

Prophet Muhammad once passed through Iram while on a journey to Tabuk. He forbade his companions from taking water or food from the place, even for their camels. He also ordered his companions to leave the place immediately without looking back.

The Prophet Muhammad’s prohibition is believed to have been an attempt to protect his companions from the punishment that had befallen the Thamud people. He also wanted to teach his companions about the importance of avoiding places filled with negative energy and deviation.

Iram is now an archaeological site that attracts tourists and researchers. However, some Muslims still avoid the place for fear of being cursed like the Thamud people.(MIS)

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