Hillier Lake: The Pink Lake Inhabited by Supernatural Beings”

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APRIMITIVEPLACE – On a remote island in Western Australia, there is a unique lake with pink-colored water. This lake is called Hillier Lake and has become one of the popular tourist destinations in Australia.

Hillier Lake is located on Middle Island, one of the islands in the Recherche Archipelago. The island is approximately 340 kilometers from Perth, the capital of Western Australia. The lake is about 600 meters long and 250 meters wide.

The pink color of Hillier Lake’s water has been a mystery for centuries. Initially, people believed that the pink color was caused by red algae. However, recent research has revealed that the pink color is actually due to a combination of red algae, bacteria, and salt.

The red algae, known as Dunaliella salina, can indeed produce red pigments. However, the pigments from these algae are not strong enough to create the intense pink color seen in Hillier Lake’s water.

In 2016, researchers from the University of Western Australia conducted a study on Hillier Lake. The research revealed that Hillier Lake contains nearly 500 types of bacteria, including halophile bacteria. Halophile bacteria are bacteria that can thrive in environments with high salt levels.

These halophile bacteria produce a red pigment called beta-carotene. Beta-carotene is a pigment also found in carrots, oranges, and papayas. This pigment is responsible for the vibrant pink color of Hillier Lake’s water.

In addition to halophile bacteria, Hillier Lake also has an extremely high salt concentration. The salt concentration in Hillier Lake reaches 40%, making it one of the highest salt concentrations in the world.

The high salt content makes Hillier Lake’s water very salty, to the extent that it cannot be consumed.

The uniqueness of Hillier Lake has captured the attention of people from around the world, turning it into a popular tourist destination in Australia.

Myths and Legends of Hillier Lake

In addition to its unique beauty, Hillier Lake is also surrounded by many myths and legends. One of the most popular myths is that Hillier Lake is the dwelling place of supernatural beings.

This myth is based on the stories of the indigenous people of Australia, the Noongar tribe. According to the Noongar tribe, Hillier Lake is the residence of a supernatural being called Ngilgi, which resembles a giant snake.

Another story suggests that Hillier Lake is the final resting place for knights who fell in battle. According to this tale, the knights were cursed to live forever in Hillier Lake.

The myths and legends surrounding Hillier Lake add to its allure. The lake not only serves as a beautiful tourist destination but also as a place shrouded in mystery.

The Future of Hillier Lake

Hillier Lake is one of Australia’s natural treasures and a significant tourist attraction for Western Australia.

The Australian government has taken steps to protect Hillier Lake, designating it as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. These protective measures aim to preserve the authenticity and beauty of Hillier Lake, ensuring it remains an attractive tourist destination for people from around the world.