Vostok Island, Unveiling the Mystery in the Middle of the Pacific Ocean

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APRIMITIVEPLACE – In November 2021, the online world was abuzz with the emergence of a mysterious island on Google Maps, Vostok Island. The island took on a circular shape with a dark center, resembling a black hole in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, specifically to the east of Kiribati.

This mysterious appearance immediately sparked various speculations among netizens. Some speculated that the island was a secret military base, while others referred to it as a portal to another world.

However, after further investigation, it turned out that the presence of this island was neither supernatural nor as mysterious as many people initially thought.

The island is known as Vostok Island, an uninhabited atoll or coral island located in the Republic of Kiribati. With an area of approximately 1.5 square kilometers, the island is surrounded by coral cliffs that rise to a height of 10 meters.

Although the central part appears to be a deep black color, it is not due to a black hole or other supernatural phenomena.

The black color on the island actually comes from the dense Pisonia forest that thrives there. Pisonia is a tropical tree with sticky seeds that easily adhere to surfaces. These seeds grow into new trees, forming a dense forest that covers the entire surface of the island.

The Pisonia forest on Vostok Island plays a crucial role in the marine ecosystem. It serves as a shelter for various seabirds, fish, and turtles. Additionally, the forest acts as a natural defense against coastal erosion.

The discovery of Vostok Island also highlights that, despite the high resolution of Google Maps, there are still areas that cannot be captured clearly.

This lack of clarity may be attributed to various factors such as adverse weather conditions, geographical features, or even local government sensors.

The Vostok Island incident serves as a significant reminder not to blindly trust information circulating on the internet. Before accepting any information, it is crucial to verify its authenticity.

In an era where information can easily be disseminated, caution and intelligence in assessing the authenticity of news are key to understanding the world around us.