The Secret of the Myth: Animals That Bring Good Luck That Might Step Across Your Doorstep

APRIMITIVEPLACE – The world is full of small miracles, and for some people, those miracles sometimes come in the form of wings flapping, little feet hopping, or tiny wings buzzing on the doorstep. In Indonesia, especially in Javanese culture, the arrival of certain animals into a home is not just an uninvited guest, but a bringer of “hoki” or luck.

Butterflies, those colorful beauties that land on door frames, are believed to bring good news from someone who is about to visit. Not just ordinary news, but news that has the potential to open the door to wealth or new opportunities.

Meanwhile, bats, which for some people are associated with a creepy shadow, are seen as bringers of abundant wealth. Perhaps its “Batman” image makes bats associated with wealth and prosperity.

Frogs, with their distinctive croak, are also not immune to the myth of bringing luck. For the Javanese people, a frog that suddenly hangs out in the living room is considered to be a bearer of unexpected wealth, like a sudden rain that moistens a dry rice field.

The hardworking bee, who never tires, is also not to be missed. His arrival into the house is believed to be a sign of coming success and prosperity, in line with their unyielding work ethic.

But the true champion of luck is undoubtedly the bird. The freedom and happiness symbolized by birds seem to be carried into the house, promising peace, tranquility, and of course luck.

Of course, all of these beliefs are just myths that have no scientific basis. But it cannot be denied, these myths provide a touch of optimism in life.

When a butterfly lands on the window, maybe the curiosity of good news tickles the heart. When bats fly around the living room, the hope of abundant wealth may slightly warm the soul.

So, what if you find one of these “luck-bringers” visiting? The one thing for sure is don’t chase them away. Driving away helpless creatures is considered impolite.

Let them go out on their own, or gently direct them to the exit. And if you are one of those who believe in this myth, it doesn’t hurt to pray that the “luck” they bring will come true.

However, remember that true luck doesn’t just come from uninvited guests. It can also be picked up with hard work, perseverance, and a positive attitude. Think of the presence of these animals as a reminder that a touch of hope and optimism is an important fuel in the journey to achieving dreams. So, keep working hard, and who knows, someday, happiness and success will come to your home, not as a myth, but as a reality.

Roots of Belief

The myth of animals bringing luck has existed since ancient times, and can be found in various cultures around the world. In Indonesia, this belief mainly comes from Javanese culture, which has a rich tradition and symbolism.

In Javanese culture, animals that are considered to bring luck usually have certain characteristics or behaviors that are associated with positive things.

For example, butterflies are often associated with beauty and love, which are symbols of luck and prosperity. While bats are associated with prosperity and wealth, because they are often seen flying around food storage warehouses.

In addition to their characteristics or behaviors, these animals are also often associated with certain symbolism. For example, frogs are associated with fertility and prosperity, because they often lay eggs in large numbers. While bees are associated with hard work and perseverance, because they always work hard to collect honey.

Function of Belief

The belief in animals that bring luck has an important function in Javanese society. This belief can provide a sense of optimism and hope, especially for those who are going through difficulties. In addition, this belief can also be a means of connecting with nature and respecting other living beings.

Of course, this belief is just a myth and has no scientific basis. However, for some people, this belief remains something that is important and can provide a sense of peace and hope.

The myth of animals that bring luck is one of the cultural treasures of Indonesia that is still preserved today. This belief may be just a myth, but it cannot be denied, this myth provides a touch of optimism in life. So, if you find one of these “luck-bringers” visiting, don’t chase them away. Think of their presence as a reminder that a touch of hope and optimism is an important fuel in the journey to achieving dreams.