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Neolith Basalt Grey Countertops

Grey countertops – There was a time when it was common to see kitchen countertops covered with tiles, as it seems that the trend returns and not only for rustic and ethnic kitchens. Also in current designs it is possible to see this trend lately. The choice of color for your new countertop kitchen is […]

Moon White Granite Countertops Colors

Ancient and modern at the same time. A combination, in which moon white granite countertops perfectly integrated, slightly beveled at the edges and cut into the squares to adapt to the curved shape of the corners of the kitchen cabinet. In the white granite countertop we find two different widths for different work areas. Where […]

Composite Countertops Kit

Composite countertops – Use recycled paper, together with durable liquid acrylic resin, to create a countertop. You can get the look you want by varying the color, weight, thickness and style of paper. By varying the amount of shredded paper encapsulated in the acrylic resin, the worktop will have a solid glowing color or appearance […]

Countertop Dishwashers Square

Countertop dishwashers – Installing a dishwasher under a countertop is not a difficult project, because it’s just where dishwashers were made to install. A place under a countertop in your kitchen is ideal for your dishwasher as it also provides the three connections a dishwasher needs to function: water, sewer and electricity. The most time […]

Grey Granite Countertops Names

Grey granite countertops – Choosing the counter in the kitchen or in the bathroom? The question is rather serious and requires preliminary analysis. After all, there are many materials from which these products are manufactured. So you have to determine which criteria you have to meet. An excellent solution will be to purchase natural counter […]

Making Wood Countertops Amazing

Making wood countertops can increase the value of all the fixtures. They can be built with some joinery knowledge and skill. They are cheaper than granite or marble. They should be built from hardwoods, maple is often used. The wooded worktop must be sealed to avoid stain and spill damage, but can be colored in […]

Concrete Lightweight Countertop

Lightweight countertop is a sturdy, interesting addition to a kitchen. An advantage of a solid wood countertop, in contrast to a laminated countertop, is that you do not have to worry about the top layer (its tabs) lifting because of moisture build up between laminates / veneers and solid wood. This is not to say […]

Clear Countertop Epoxy

When it comes to renovating deteriorated areas of a home, such as floors and walls, there are many options in the market. The countertop epoxy paint is one of them, highlighting over others for its advantages such as easy application and resistance. Far from what we can imagine, it is not a material for exteriors; […]

Colored Blue Stone Countertop

You are about to change the countertop in the kitchen, but you do not finish deciding on any material. What are you looking for: something resistant and durable, a material that is easy to maintain, elegance and personality? The wood will offer you warmth, the cleaning blue stone countertop and the stone durability. Everything depends […]