Advantages Using Acrylic Countertops

Posted on Countertop Design

Acrylic Countertops – Acrylic Countertop easy to clean and are not afraid of water. It is a durable performance, anti-shock, easy to repair. It is impossible to put hot pans, sharp objects can scratch. Acrylic stone polymer plastic material, from which you can create any color of countertop and sizes. The use of technology allows monolithic connectivity structures seamlessly shaped. The surface of the acrylic countertop smooth binding visually imperceptible. The shade depends on the colors of various pigments.

Due to the plasticity of acrylic countertops, it can be made in any solid form without visible seams. The variety of shapes, sizes, and colors makes it fit perfectly in any interior. In the artificial stone without pores, so it is hygienic, small remains of food can be easily removed from its surface. For the care can be applied soapy water, means on the basis of chlorine, ammonia, and alcohol. Acrylic offer resistance to impact and hardness. Sharp exposure can cause dents and chips, but it does not lose its integrity.

Scratches, chips and other minor deformation, affecting the appearance, restore easily. It is enough to polish or grind the damaged surface. Clean or roughly filled with acrylic countertops resin. For repair it is not necessary to remove the countertops, all operations are they are carried out directly in the kitchen. The products made of water-resistant acrylic, do not swell water. They are durable, careful for them is very simple.