Another Option to Decorate Walnut Mid Century Bed

Posted on Mid Century Bed

Another advantage of such a walnut mid century bed: you have the opportunity to select the shades of the wood so that it is best suited to the rest of your interior space. What’s better for a relaxing and natural atmosphere? With our next wooden deco idea, we stay on the same wavelength as we are going to talk about another option to decorate your bed with this material. This is, of course, the wooden headboard.

In recent years, master bedrooms have followed a more general trend: decoration and geometric fashion. The wooden decor with organic headboard fits perfectly to this trend. This explains why we see more and more wood headboards made in various pieces that follow the classic geometric shapes. Elegant, these wooden headboards are currently offered by the brands of bedroom furniture.

But they are also available in DIY version. To create one, one only has to collect various pieces of wood. Then, we should simply put them together in a kind of original mosaic. We can even highlight their shapes with a few light bands! How to add an organic touch to the decor of his bedroom without loading the piece of furniture? For this, nothing better than to opt for a wooden siding. Most often, it comes in wall trim version or ceiling.