Asian-Style Mid Century Queen Bed Frame

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Mid Century Queen Bed Frame – Selecting the right bed frame can play an important role in decorating a bedroom to reflect a specific style of design. Asian-style beds, which lie low to the ground and highlight simplistic lines, are relevant for many types of rooms. They are also easy to build yourself with basic tools and carpentry skills.

Before buying materials and building an Asian-style bed, you will need to produce detailed plans. An Asian-style bed is similar to a platform bed that consists of a shallow frame. And also a flat surface made of solid wood or wood planks. This surface accepts the mattress, thus eliminating the need for a traditional mattress. While some Asian-style beds have headboards, stirrups, and posts for a canopy, others consist of four simple rails and four corner posts that raise the frame a few inches off the ground. The dimensions should be based on the mattress that will be used with the frame. Custom Asian style beds can accommodate any size of the standard mattress.

The materials you use for an Asian-style bed are primarily a matter of personal preference. Most types of wood are suitable for work, including conventional furniture materials such as oak, pine, and cedar. You can also use plywood and veneer for a more modern look and cost-saving construction. Since the frame needs to be supported by a mattress and one or two sleepers, any metal supports or nails that are part of the frame structure must be resilient.