Attractive Twin Murphy Bed

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Twin murphy bed are experiencing a spectacular sales boom. The simple fact of making the ring is touching the ground is causing a furore, people notice how the bedrooms are much more attractive with a simple change that consists of removing the legs. But … are they really practical? Then I tell you the advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage is that you can boast a different bedroom, a bedroom that breaks with the traditional and that surprises at first sight. We can say that what is achieved, willingly or unwillingly, is to incorporate a certain futuristic oriental air to the room. Also, it enlarges the visual field and that makes it seem like the room is bigger.

The beds that include storage spaces in its structure also allow gaining more room in the bedroom, because you will not need another additional furniture. For example, this twin murphy bed without backrest has a slight extension in its structure, which allows to store books and install a table lamp. In addition to having your favorite novels on hand, you will save yourself from integrating a night table into your room! The fact of raising the bed of the floor to take advantage of space is a widely used resource, which takes different forms. In this example, the bed was raised on a natural wood surface, which contains storage modules with doors but without handles.

A very warm and minimalist bet. In the photograph below we observe how the twin murphy bed was introduced in a hole and was surrounded by spaces destined for storage . In one of the sides shelving shelves were built, while in the lower part they designed two large drawers. On the other side, a removable and hidden closet slides on rails when pulling the door. More space saving impossible!