Attractive Twin over Twin Bunk Beds with Stairs

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Twin over twin bunk beds with stairs – In the design of bunk beds is not just about maximizing space, nowadays we look for other equally important factors, such as aesthetic value and comfort. In interior design there is no single solution and in the case of bunk beds either. We decided to put bunk beds when we do not have enough space in the bedroom, so it is often important to invest in comfort, and instead of putting standard bunk is better integrated custom made bunk. Being made as we will save even more space, they will not be dead holes and every corner of the room is going to take advantage.

If you are going to place twin over twin bunk beds with stairs for the children’s room, then it is worth investing a little more in a lot of double-use smart drawers and shelves. Modern berths bring many storage solutions. Although it is common for drawers to come under the lower bunk, the most modern ones integrate drawers on the stairs that lead to the upper bunk. We do not always have storage problems, so instead of filling the room with drawers and cabinets, we can turn it into a small park for children, with slides and ropes to pass it on.

We can also have 3 beds in the same bunk without the need to reach the ceiling. Just move the middle bed to achieve 3 beds at the same height. The twin over twin bunk beds with stairs ensures access to the upper levels without problems, and the space under the second bed can be used to put drawers. We have the idea that the bunk beds are only for children, but we also have a lot of options of bunk beds for adults, of minimalist, contemporary or vintage design, for all tastes.