Backbone of Your IKEA Kitchen Countertops

Posted on Countertop Design

The cabinet is the backbone of IKEA kitchen countertops. Before going to the IKEA kitchen installation, make sure you know the different types and styles of cabinet solutions available and how you can use them to maximize your kitchen space.

Typical IKEA kitchen countertops consist of a bottom cabinet, top cabinet, and work table. You can find solutions that suit your needs, the kitchen layout and the equipment you need to customize it. Sinks and other equipment can be accommodated to get the solution that works for you. Size is also available and you can choose it according to your needs. Most cabinets are available in the door or double door style. The key is to plan what combinations match your cabinet performance.

Other options worth mentioning are the complete, silent drawer complete with no sound, outboard baskets, carousel solutions for angle units, short and high pull-out hoods, vacuum holders, recycling solutions, tear cut boards, organizer tools and more. Open shelves that are also open, hanging rails and shallow mini cabinets are increasingly popular these days. The IKEA cupboard is mounted on a steel strip mounted on the wall. Wardrobes are supported on a pedestal, foot, or a combination of both. One important thing to note is IKEA kitchen countertops walk up to the wall, so if you have a pipe that is there, you need to plan some modifications.