Batman Bedding Twin Decorations

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Batman bedding twin – Designing your own baby bedding is a rewarding experience while economically savvy. You can design your own baby bedding for a fraction of the cost of purchasing baby bedding from a department store, even if you have limited sewing experience. For the larger pieces, such as bumper pillows or the child’s arena, these require a little more concentration, but still did moderately easy. Choosing your design and coloring is the hardest part.


Measure the length and width of the crib. Add 1 inch to each of your measurements. Cut the pattern paper to fit the dimensions of the batman bedding twin, including added extra inches. Determine how deeply you want to design bumper pillows. To create the pattern for bumper pillows, tap the pattern the depth as you want, end over end. Cut patterns to fit the length of the page plus one inch. Repeat this step with the ends of the crib, even add an inch. Wear the pattern to the crib and hold it on the inside of the crib. Mark the pattern with a pen where you want the bumper straps to be sewn. They will need to row up with crib bars evenly.

Lay the fabric and the pattern on a flat work surface and then fold it in the middle facing itself. Put a layer of cotton wool on top of the batman bedding twin. Pin the pattern over the wool and the fabric. Cut through the fabric and the bat; use the pattern as your guide. Cut two sets for the sides of the crib and two sets for the crib ends. Refit sections on site again. Cut bands in 7 to 10 inch sections. You must have twelve pairs of bands.

Pin the tires in place where you plan to sew them. The straps must be nailed between the fabric pieces. Pin a set to the top and a set to the bottom of the bumper pad where you marked the pattern. Allow an inch of the band to hang on the top and bottom of the fabric. Assemble the pieces and leave a 2 inch opening to twist the fabric out and in. Sew 2/1 inch from the edge. Turn the pieces so the fronts are facing out. Hand open the openings after turning them right side. Pin bumper cushions together. Hand sews them. Remove all pins.