Beautiful Harmony Pink Full Size Comforter

Posted on Mid Century Bed

Pink full size comforter – A beautiful room is first beautiful bed linen, but also a beautiful harmony in the room. For this, decoration, light, colors are essential and their balance very important. Your bed and therefore your bed linen are the central elements of your bedroom. We advises you to perfectly match the colors of your duvet covers to the walls of your room and the different elements of your decoration.

There are several ways to associate colors. The color wheel is the essential element to help you. The color circle tells you about the primary colors and the results of their mix. The primary colors are blue, red and yellow. The secondary colors are green, orange and purple. Then come the tertiary colors. To perfectly match your bed linen on the walls of your bedroom, you have to think in terms of relationship.

The simplest relation is the monochromatic relation. It consists of a single color and plays on its dark and light shades. This is a contrast effect between e.g. pastel green and emerald green. The analogous relationship will combine a color and its adjacent colors.  The analogous relation will bring more richness in the palette of colors used and remain simple in its composition.