Bed Tent Twin Design For Bedroom Kids

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Bed Tent Twin – Bed tents come in many styles for boys and girls. The right tent can transform a normal bed into a magical place to sleep and play. Children can choose the design of characters, cars, trucks, castles, fairies or traditional camp styles. There are many configuration designs available, but most follow a store structure of the vault. The bed tent on top of the mattress of the double bed. Unfold and orient it to the position you want it to be once it has been configured. Make sure that the bed tent will open in the right direction so your child can easily enter and exit it. Bed tents come with two wired shock poles.

Unfold these and push them together. This will create two long sticks. Push the poles into the two pole sleeves located on the child’s bed tent twin. The poles will cross each other. Be sure to also pass through the poles of any loop designed to house the poles in place. Gently push the exposed ends of the pole into the small cloth bags designed to hold them in place. Repeat for the other second pole. The poles must arch over others to fit securely in the pockets. Secure the hooks, loops or hook and loop locks necessary to connect the child’s from the bed cloth tent to the poles.

Now you should have what looks like a small tent that puts on top of your child’s bed. Secure the tent to the bed, if necessary. Some children. Bed tents have a pocket in which the individual mattress slides. Some have ties to tie to the bedposts. Others have only a lower tent that is directly on the mattress. If the bed tent twin slides on the bed or if you have trouble sliding it off, you can sew small strips of fabric around the corners and use them to tie to the bedposts. That is going to keep it in place.