Benefits of Having Refrigerated Countertop Prep Unit

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Refrigerated countertop prep unit – there may be survival and even multiplication or activation of microorganisms if the stage is not carried out at the appropriate temperatures. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt preventive measures of a general nature, such as good kitchen handling practices and an effective cleaning and disinfection plan for equipment and facilities. Do you know how long the maximum time that can last inside the freezer is?

Do you keep fruits and vegetables in the refrigerated countertop prep unit, not knowing how long they will last? Regarding the freezing, Medel recommends not doing it with tomato, grape or bananabecause of its molecular structure, the water they possess crystallizes, something that, fortunately, does not happen with watermelon or apple, which could last up to 2 months frozen.

In relation to the meat, the expert indicates that these should always be frozen or refrigerated, according to the need of the product. And when it comes to a piece of freshly purchased meat from the butcher shop, it can last up to four days in the refrigerated countertop prep unit. The dairy products like milk and yogurt, once opened, should be refrigerated immediately. And according to Medel, this type of food can last between three to five days after opening, but it is advisable not to exceed the three.