Best Choice Bedding Full Bed With Trundle

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Full Bed With Trundle – The nest bed is, without doubt, the most used element in the rooms of the youngest. It is a piece of furniture that, in addition to adding everything necessary for children’s rest, provides great versatility thanks to the fact that it usually incorporates drawers for storage. The double trundle bed is one that has under the main bed, another bed and, in some cases also drawers, but unlike the bunk, occupies the same space that would occupy a conventional bed (no more than 55 cm in height). The lower bed or drag bed remains hidden during the day and is deployed manually by means of a system of wheels during the night to facilitate the second bed.

That composed of a wooden structure (or other material) in which the bed bases are not visible but incorporated into the structure of the bed. This type of beds, in addition, can be combined with two or three drawers, as auxiliary storage spaces for sheets, pillows, quilts, etc. Virtually any mattress can be used to be used in a full bed with trundle. Logically the materials and qualities of it will condition the comfort it offers. However, if it is advisable to pay special attention to several factors: In some models of double trundle beds, the lower bed frame is smaller than the upper bed frame. This will force us to use two mattresses of different sizes.

The dimension of the lower hollow of the bed may be larger or smaller. This will limit the maximum height that our lower mattress should have (mattresses with a lot of height, they will not be worth it because they will not fit when we try to keep the lower bed). On the other hand, certain models of full bed with trundle are designed so that, once the lower bed is unfolded, it can be placed next to the upper bed in parallel becoming a double-double bed.