Best Countertop Jewelry Display Case

Posted on Countertop Ideas

The best way to exhibit jewelry is to organize it in a beautiful display. The secret is to make a beautiful but simple display, because what we seek is to highlight the jewelry and not the display. So how to make a beautiful display but that does not overshadow the jewelry? A conventional idea that you have undoubtedly seen in countertop jewelry display case is to display the jewels in a glass box. This is not a difficult job and you can simply do it by ordering the sides of the showcase to measure and then joining them with silicone.

Another idea countertop jewelry display case is to use a large aquarium, which you will place upside down on a wooden board with gutters. Inside the display case you can place various objects to support the rings, earrings or necklaces such as branches, stones, dried leaves, fabrics, glassware or antiques. Use your good taste and wit. Sometimes a simple oxidized sheet gives the whole a very modern artistic touch.

Another very simple idea countertop jewelry display case necklaces is to hang them from a tree branch. All you have to do is figure out how to stand up. A very simple idea is to place the branch in a ceramic container and fill it with plaster. Let the plaster dry, cover it with dry moss and you’ll have a nice natural display ready.