Best Portable Murphy bed

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Portable Murphy bed is popular in efficiency apartments, hotel rooms and bedrooms used as home office or other space. Other types of beds offer the same space-saving benefits of Murphy beds and may be less expensive alternatives. There are several different types of horizontal Murphy beds, and choosing the best will depend on the space you have available, your style, and the budget. A horizontal Murphy bed can be purchased ready or in a kit that requires a little assembly, or can be specially made by a carpenter or built by you. Sometimes Murphy beds are also available second hand through classified advertising or furniture shipment stores.

Beds blowing with an electric or hand-operated air pump are easy to store and can provide a comfortable place to rest. Inflatable beds are up to one foot thick and are available as full and queen size mattresses. The beds must be deflated for storage, although they can be supported against the wall to get them out of the way for a few days. They are not as convenient as portable Murphy bed or convertible furniture, but they are very cheap and portable. You can carry them with you for a walk in a container the size of a small suitcase. You can also find chests that open to foldaway mattresses or futons. The mattresses or futons roll out onto the floor. This takes up more space than an inflatable bed, but they are still easy to move around.

To find the right horizontal portable Murphy bed for you, start by measuring space calculated on the bed. Measure its width, height and depth to determine the size of the bed you can accommodate. If the bed is to be used for children, a double size will suffice, but adults will be more comfortable on a full or queen size bed. Next consider the surrounding decor.