Best Toddler Trundle Bed

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A toddler trundle bed, first mentioned in the sixteenth century, is a space-saving bed with wheels. The bed is stored under a larger bed when not in use. They were originally intended for staff who slept in their masters’ rooms, today they are mostly used for cot sets. A trundle bed is basically a wooden box with wheels and a mattress. When loading a trundle bed, consider the finished height of the bed, including the wheel and mattress. Allow clearance for the bed to roll easily in and out under the upper bed.

Ideas for best toddler trundle bed, measure your mattress. Measure the plywood board for the length and width of your mattress. Add 4 inches more too both length and height measurements to take into account the two-by-four frames and mattress clearance. The end faces to size. Target and cut the four two-by-fours boards to create a wooden frame that will attach to the top edge of the plywood board. Two of the boards will be the same length as the plywood board two of the boards will be a bit shorter in length to cater for the framed perimeter around the plywood table and the other two -by-four boards. Lay two-by-four board members around the edge, with the 2- inch side resting on the plywood table surface. Turn the two-by-four into the plywood starting on the plywood side; drill a screw about every 12 inches along the board. Repeat for the other three boards. Screw an L-bracket on the inside of each two-by-four board member for further support.

Attach wheels and add mattress for toddler trundle bed. Vip the plywood foundation head. Screw wheels on the four corners of the plywood. Be sure to screw into plywood where it meets two to four frames over, otherwise the screws can go through the top of the plywood board and into the mattress area. Vip plywood frame straight up, to rest on wheels. Sand the tree until the surfaces are smooth and without splinters. Put the mattress in the plywood frame. Roll the trundle bed under the top bed. And then you can decorate trundle bed with paint, or by turning on a decorative table with freezer knobs on the front.