Brilliant Idea Homemade Murphy Bed

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Homemade murphy bed – there are no limits other than our imagination, because with the right treatment, pallet wood can serve as a structure for a bed, headboard, baby crib or as a wall covering. This brilliant idea consists of a folding bed for the wall made entirely with pallets. Basically the concept is to gain some space in a studio or a room that is not normally a bedroom, and so easily convert it into a guest room. The bed can simply be raised and placed against the wall occupying the same space that a library would occupy. To build it, it is necessary to have several pallet tables, although it could also be done with whole pallets.

The tables should be joined with long crossed boards that go to the wall, until a flat surface that covers all the dimensions of a mattress, and then on the sides we will build some limits with other tables so that the mattress can not get out and is embedded in the bed. The long boards that join the entire structure will be fixed to a system of hinges against the wall, which will serve to homemade murphy bed according to our space needs. It is very important that all this structure of fixing and fixing the bed to the wall is very solid, and have several anchoring points, the bed will weigh a lot and if not the system could be broken.

As you can see another homemade murphy bed made with pallets, but with the addition of having a pulley that facilitates folding and unfolding. As you can see you have many different possibilities to do it, it all depends on your good ideas and DIY skills. Do not hesitate and choose the pallets as the next material to build a fantastic bed, a children’s shelter or your new garden furniture. Make a beautiful bed with headboard lit. Reuse boxes of wine and pine wood to make the shelves.