Bringing New Life Bohemian Themed Bedroom

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Colors and textures of a modern bohemian themed bedroom get their seductive inspiration from the famous district. Today, the word bohemian evokes the idea of ​​bringing new life to old subjects and layering textures, styles and colors. The bohemian look is dependent on layers of color. For walls, choose paint in grounded or jeweled tones, such as rich brown, rusty orange, deep Burgundy or emerald green. Each wall can be a different color, or choose two changing colors.

Floors also benefit from layering — in the form of carpets. Even if you have a carpet bohemian themed bedroom, lay down carpets seemingly adds to the overall bohemian feel. Linens in varying jeweled or grounded tones are delicious. Mix the colors in bedding. With jeweled-toned linens, choose navy sheets, a maroon quilt cover and an amber throw.

Bring in different textures, as well; Cotton sheets under a satin quilt, with a wool throw and decorative polyester pads are based on the bohemian themed bedroom. Curtains can be layered. Hang at least two curtains, such as a filmy white curtains with a heavier velvet curtain on the outer edges. Bands with beads or fringes holding curtains back add another layer.