Building Twin Beds with Storage Drawers

Posted on Twin Size Bed

Twin beds with storage drawers are an elegant complement to all rooms. You can create some extra storage space by dragging to bed. These will fit into the platform and are very easy to add to your project. It will only take a few extra steps to add a lot of extra space.


Design your twin beds with storage drawers. Measure the size of your mattress. Determine the amount of boxes you want. Three on each side will work. A twin will only have a set of boxes. In addition, you measure how much you want the platform to be. Build the frame of the bed for the drawers. Start by making a cut a piece of MDF the length of your bed and height as you want your platform to be. Then cut the board to grab the top and bottom frame piece. Screw them on the middle piece.

Cut cross sections that will connect to the center bit of the support mechanism. The boxes will pass between each section twin beds with storage drawers. You will have two on each side of the centerpiece. Screw in place. You will wrap the boards something to connect them. Attach grooves for the boxes on the cross section pieces. Screw the lower piece of MDF on the frame with an electric screwdriver. Attach the screws to each of the corners and between 1-2 meters apart from each other along the frame. Turn over the bed and screw the top piece MDF onto the frame. Sand and color boards.

Build your boxes using MDF. The boxes should have a bottom piece and four sides. Sand, bet and add a handle to the front of the drawers. The size of the bed determines the depth of the boxes. Make the boxes approximately one inch smaller than the drawer openings on the bed. Attach runners to the drawers and then connect them to grooves inside the bed. Place the drawers in place. Put the mattress on top of the bed.