Camp Lodge Rustic Crib Bedding Themes

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A waiting the arrival of a lovely new baby is an exciting time filled with a lot of preparation. An area that requires a lot of thoughts in connection with the preparation is children’s kindergarten. This place should be one that is soothing and sparkles the creativity of your child as he grows older. A unique theme that can help you achieve both is camp lodge rustic crib bedding.

Even rustic crib bedding can help give the room a rustic lodge look. Cover the mattress with flannel sheets and a camouflage or red-and-black checkered quilt. Another option is bedding that features fish, bears or moose. Hang large slatted wood blinds over the windows, as well as flannel curtains to soften the look. The two curtains also help to darken the space for undisturbed nap. Complete this horticulture with Casey’s cabin country baby bedding-inspired decorations.

Complete nursery bedding sets decor with hang a patchwork on the wall. Frame photos of forest and animals that live in the forest and place them around the room. Brushed Nickle, brass or copper lamps fit well into the room. A pair of antlers hanging on the wall can be used as a coat hook. Put a toy fishing rod and a waist box in a corner- the loose box can be used for storage. Place plush stuffed animals on the wall shelves. Toys can be placed in a large unfinished pine toy box. Place a novelty carry-shaped rug on the floor.