Chic Rustic King Size Bed with Soft Linen

Posted on Rustic Bedding

Rustic king size bed – Often too busy, too florid or too kitschy, chic country style decor can be a dangerous exercise, especially in a room. Softness, sobriety, old linen, rustic elements but always chic … On the way to a part of the countryside where to pick some good ideas! To dress the head of his bed in a chic and offbeat way, we opt for an old screen deployed in full. A decorative element that gives immediately relief and depth.

Pickled or, even better, left in their juice, they are placed at the head of bed for a raw and chic. They are mobile and will easily adapt to another place when you want to change it. Here is another option: completely repainted to match the rest of the decor, these old shutters fit perfectly into the set.

Typically chic campaign, the famous four-poster bed can easily turn to romantic, unless you choose it imposing and rustic. Assume massive volumes that give character to the room, unlike a canopy bed too thin. Choose a bed linen set in cotton or plain linen. The boutis is this famous soft and incredibly comfortable bedspread. Bet on the plain and a soft color for more sobriety and elegance.