Classic and Cozy Rustic Bedding

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Rustic bedding – The choice of bedding offers an opportunity to create a nourishing, comfortable resting place to suit your home decor. Bedding materials include fitted sheets, top sheets, duvets and pillowcases. Whether you are looking to outfit the bedroom in your new Maine lakefront home. Or you just want to keep the guest room in your humble family hunting shack in rural Minnesota from looking out of place. Combine classic materials with grounded, return colors and patterns to make a cozy one: rustic bed.

Outfit the bed or beds with flannel sheets to evoke rustic, rugged work shirts, childhood pajamas and cozy cottage nights. While plaid is the classic pattern for flannel work shirts. Then you can find flannel sheets in virtually any color and pattern. Flannel sheets are particularly suitable for people who live in leaky houses or cabins or who like to sleep with the windows cracked even in winter.

If the weather is too hot for flannel, plain cotton sheets can form a soft base for your rustic bedding. Indulge your head with down pillows encased in a pillowcase that matches your sheets. Whether it be flannel or summer cotton; Feathers come from geese that are bred on farms and are the actual embodiment of “rustic”.