Convenient Captains Bed with Trundle

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Captains bed with trundle – Comfortable and practical, the trundle bed is a piece of furniture that can not be missing in a juvenile or children’s bedroom. Ideal to maximize spaces, especially in small apartment bedrooms, it can sleep up to three people. In children’s bedrooms, usually, the trundle bed is a complement to the bunk bed. It is usually made of wood and, in an informal style, it can be achieved with very colorful and funny designs. Perfect for when you have visitors at home, without a doubt, it is a super comfortable option in which you can rest or sleep peacefully.

A captains bed with trundle must have a considerable height, so that the back of the furniture can accommodate, without problems, a deployable base that, when extended horizontally, carries a second mattress. Many times this type of furniture is made to measure, adapting to the dimensions of the space. It is also very likely that the design is complemented by small storage cabinets or shelves. The nest bed is usually found in children’s rooms as we can buy it through this model from the Argentine firm Modulus . They are very useful in this type of space where the idea is to make the most of each corner.

As we mentioned at the beginning, the captains bed with trundle is not exclusive to children’s rooms. It can also be used in juvenile bedrooms, in the guest room or anywhere that requires more space. In our gallery image bellow, we see an example of how this piece of furniture can adapt to different ages. The key? Design. In this space, which transmits freshness wherever you look, built-in wall shelves and cabinets, carefully designed, do the rest, resulting in a very functional idea. The furniture, which has been designed to measure, combines perfectly with the rest of the furniture. Do not you think?