Country Chic Bedroom Ideas

Posted on Mid Century Bed

Those who want to transform the bedroom into a cozy, romantic space will appreciate the French country style. Known for its chic bedroom ideas rural charm, the French country has the chic style of color, pattern and space composition for its easy-to-achieve look. The French country chic style is romantic without being fringe, and is comfortable and affordable for start.


Color is the most important element in French rural style. A French country chic bedroom will include light and medium colors such as blue, yellow, white, pink and green. Paint the walls a bright color, egg. Buttery yellow or blue, and give the space depth by painting wardrobe doors, window sills and door jamb white. Think color during each stage of French country design to ensure harmony in space.


Flowers, toile and damask designs are appropriate and should be prominent in the bedroom design. Incorporate these French country’s chic designs into the bedroom with textiles. Curtains, bedding and rugs are the perfect elements to showcase these designs for a French country chic bedroom space. Acquire any worried, painted furniture such as a chest of drawers, armoire and nightstands. Those who on a budget can paint and anxiety already owned furniture. Look at antique shops and flea markets for vintage brass furniture hardware, such as drawer drawers and handles for painted furniture.