Country Style Bedroom Design Ideas

Posted on Rustic Bedding

When designing country style bedroom, choose vibrant colors such as sunny yellow, light blue, soft green and white that are creamy and serene. These make good choices for wall colors. Then, add texture to your French country bedroom by using furniture that has chipped paint. Even rusty iron pieces are suitable. Heavy cotton fabrics and rustic pine furniture add depth and a feeling of age. Use lace, airy, white curtains to provide a counterpoint to heavy furniture. Use fresh flowers in vases for a touch of nature.

In addition, toile and fabrics with floral motifs are good options for beds in the bedroom, along with wallpaper and curtains. Curtains and draperies should reach the floor and fall gently, often with lace curtains appearing underneath heavier floral curtains. They are elegant tie-backs and garlands adorned to finish the effect of the country. Country can be described as a kind of light-finished rustic style. And using accessories that feature chipped and worn paint, lamenting the appearance.

Use cushions in luxurious fabrics such as silk and brocade for a touch of elegance. Shots can be thrown on the backs of chairs and draped over the end of the bed to add a sense of luxury. A soft plush rug can be placed over white hardwood floors for a comfortable touch. Local antique stores and flea markets are excellent resources to find old and used accessories such as lamps, chandeliers and vases. Lighting in the country bedroom must be recharged. Also, use tiffany style lamps for a beautiful bedroom accent.