Cozy and Pretty Rustic Dog Bed for Sleep

Posted on Rustic Bedding

Rustic dog bed – If you are a parent of one or more pets, you are probably one to do anything to make them happy! By cons, when comes the time to buy a small cozy bed, we can stay speechless about the cost that is connected! Indeed, it can be difficult to find a beautiful bed adapted to pitou or kitty respecting our budget … The good news? There are gorgeous models that you can quite make yourself!

Make this pretty house of Scandinavian inspiration using only a few pieces of wood! If Pitou already has a cushion that he likes, you can build his little hut according to the dimensions of it so that you can install it in his new home. You would like to offer your companion a bed that is out of the ordinary and without spending too much? Make this impressive bed of geometric wood, which seems straight out of a magazine!

Pitou is the type to sleep well “evacuated” as they say? Realize this pretty rectangular minimalist cushion, which will allow him to expand as he pleases! To do this, you will need to take a walk around the fabric store to get stuffed foam and a fabric * or two!) Of your choice. Indeed, you could create a reversible cushion by applying a different fabric on the back of your cushion, to return it whenever you want!