Cozy Mid Century Modern Twin Bed

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Mid century modern twin bed – Today we talk about the bedrooms and this time only about the headboard! Because what immediately attracts attention when you step into a bedroom? Exactly, the bed! Enjoy it and be inspired! The bed has been raised in this bedroom. This has the advantage that you suddenly have a lot more extra storage space. This way you can creatively decorate your small bedroom with plenty of storage space.

Sometimes you have the misfortune that you not only have a small bedroom, but that you also have to share it with someone. Yet it does not have to be a problem: this bedroom may be small, it is cozy. It is a beautiful nursery. A practical design of the small bedroom is essential to get everything out of it. That will certainly succeed with this lifting bed, which is pushed up during the day.

In the evenings it can drop until it just hangs above the couch. This is especially useful if you live in a small apartment or in a studio. You do not have the luxury of all kinds of large furniture in a small bedroom. Combining is therefore a must. A small shelf has been hung here. Ideal, because the night lights are incorporated and you can put some fun for the decoration.