Create a Modern Bohemian Bedroom

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A menagerie of striking decorative accents blended creates bold modern bohemian bedroom aesthetics. Review the guidelines below to create a modern bohemian bedroom. Burn a lot of light and incense to achieve real bohemian style. If you cover your lampshades with scarves, make sure to use low wattage bulbs.


Count on color. Nothing is more important for a bohemian bedroom feeling than a bold color pallet. Paint the walls red, orange or shock pink and bring in accent colors through bedspreads and window treatments. Perform luminaires and lamps that throw deep shades. Although not exactly practical for daily use, pink or red lights produce dramatic color. Cover lamp shades with scarves to change the lighting. Get heavy on knick knacks and decorative details. Leave no room untouched as you integrate design details.

Choose objects that are eye-catching, rich in color and have embellished exteriors. Objects should be unique and have old-world charm. Dress up the bed. Use a quilt, bedspread or quilt with rich colors. Think vividly patterned sheets. Take in a range of pads in a variety of colors and incorporate multicolored modern bohemian blankets for layered color and extra texture. Cover the bed with a clean mosquito net or chapel. Cover walls with unusual artwork, tapestries or wallpaper. Wall hangers should be in line with the sumptuous design scheme.