Create Cozy Country Chic Bedroom

Posted on Rustic Bedding

Tour tips and advice to succeed the decor of bedroom version “country chic bedroom” without missteps! Often too busy, too florid or too kitschy, chic country style decor can be a dangerous exercise, especially in a room. Softness, sobriety, old linen, rustic elements but always chic … On the way to a part of the countryside where to pick some good ideas!

To dress the head of his bed in a chic and offbeat way, we opt for an old screen deployed in full. A decorative element that gives immediately relief and depth. Place at the other end, at the foot of the bed, a light wooden bench to complete the decor without loading it. The boutis is this famous soft and incredibly comfortable bedspread. Bet on the plain and a soft color for more sobriety and elegance.

Pickled or, even better, left in their juice, they are placed at the head of bed for a raw and chic. They are mobile and will easily adapt to another place when you want to change it. Commode, sideboard, family wardrobe or recycle … these furniture tend to take a lot of space and sometimes darken a room. The solution? Stripping, sanding, and repainting in a single color without letting your work lick, for a better rendering.