Creative Twin Tufted Bed Design Idea

Posted on Twin Bed

Twin tufted bed – DIY bed designs can be as simple as making a distinctive, cloth-covered headboard to hang behind your mattress. Or as involved as your own construction platform bed. Consider your personal tastes and level as well as the space available in your room when you are creating do-it-yourself bed designs. Changing the bed with twin tufted bed can go a long way towards redecorating and giving new life to your bedroom. You can purchase a new, or you can save money and on request make your own this twin tufted bed at home. You can buy the items you will need from fabric stores.

And also home improvement and upholstery hire the tools you need for this project at a hardware store and upholstery shops. In the case, twin tufted bed with buttons is ideal for a romantic and elegant focal point in your bedroom. For this, you will need a 3/4 inch thick sheet of plywood cut to fit the desired dimensions of your headboard. Buy cloth and wadding to cover the face and at least 6 inches around the perimeter of the back of the plywood. Buy some buttons and a thread and needle for upholstery. Adhesive spray comes in handy to make sure that the batting stays on the plywood and a staple gun will help secure the fabric to the back of the wood.

One of the most important things you will have to do a tufted head is a drill with a small drill bit. Start by making a mark on the twin tufted bed wood where you want to place a button on your header. Drill straight through each of the marks. Complete your tufts and then hang the headboard. Insert the upholstery needle through the punched holes in the back of the headboard and the fabric in the front. Pick up a button and then reinsert the needle through the holes and make a double knot. The more you throw the button against the fabric, the more pronounced the plume will be.