Customize Wooden Futon Sofa Bed With Storage

Posted on Futon Bed Designs

Futon sofa bed with storage – As your child approaches a two-digit age, consider transforming the child’s sofa bed into a high bed. Being able to use the space under the high bed as a private playroom – be it a fortress, a space station or a princess’s castle is perfect for cultivating the imagination of a smaller child. As young people get older, they can incorporate a study area and shelves under the bed. Turning a sofa bed into a high bed is a matter of building and placing sturdy long legs and transverse supports to a wooden frame sofa bed. The simpler your couch is, the better you look for your high bed will be.

Of course, you will have to measure the room in which the frame of the futon sofa bed with storage will be placed before committing to any purchase, as this can dictate how big or small or a unit you will need. While sofa bed units can be pushed against a wall, a futon will generally need to be pulled away from a wall when used as a bed because the back of the sofa frame is folded down. The sofa-bed can stay in one place because the structure of the bed is pulled outwards from inside it. Keep this in mind when choosing which model will work best for your room. Place the two sets of new legs on the sofa bed frame to conceal and “replace” the legs of the couch.

He needs helpers to keep the bed while he does it. Drill two 3/8 inches to offset the holes through both sides of the new legs and into the solid wood futon sofa bed with storage above the old legs. Insert and then tighten with your fingers a bolt, both washers and a nut in each hole. You can remove the loft legs and transverse supports of this simple high bed transformation to make a sofa bed again. If bedroom and storage space is limited, a high bed allows you to take full advantage of those limitations.