Decorate Basketball Twin Bedding

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Basketball twin bedding – Single beds create a symmetrical feel for a room that is best enhanced by following the clean lines in the space. Whether the bedroom is for your children or guests will determine the details of the furnishings. The aim is to create a uniform feel for the room that can be built with personal touches to add warmth.


Create a symmetrical look. The best way to maximize space is through symmetry. Beds should meet the same way, preferably with the basketball twin bedding against the wall opposite the door. Place beds against each corner or by 2 to 3 meters on each side, if space permits. Use a bright color on the walls. Two beds, plus other furniture, often create a crowded space. Open the room by selecting a bright shade on the walls such as ecru, baby blue or light yellow. Create a uniform effect with matching bedding. To keep the airy, clean appearance of the room, the bed linen matches. Coordinate with wall color and give flavor by going with a monochromatic effect.

For example, if your wall color is baby blue, use shades of blue throughout the litter. This gives the basketball twin bedding a modern, elegant look, but keeps the room looking fresh. Finish with a contrasting flush pillow on each bed. Place a table between the beds. This contributes to the symmetrical appearance of the room. The table can be large or small, depending on how much space you have to work with. The surface of the table should be large enough to hold a lamp and some odd items to add personal style to the room.

Framed photos from family travel are a way to add a personal touch to the space. For sibling, to each side of the room to show the child’s personality. While keeping the look of the room unified, put floating shelves to the sidewalls where the children can store board games, showcase awards and artwork and hold some fritters that show off their style. Above each single bed, add a framed image of each child’s interest – for example, an action image of an athlete or a ballerina painting.