Decorate Twin Size Race Car Bed

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Twin size race car bed – Furniture stores and mattress stores have bed frames made of both metal and wood. Styles, ranging from simple box structures to supporting a spring and mattress to more complex furnishings that include bedside tables and foot boards. Finding the perfect bed frame to match your embellishment style can be difficult and expensive. To save a headache and cost, make your own twin bed frame to support the bed in the child’s room or room, even if you have some carpentry experience. Add wheels to the frame, and the result is a custom bed you can easily move.


Twin size race car bed with aim 66-inch on board so that it is 5 inches in from either end of the larger card. Apply prelim where the two parts meet. Attached together the boards use 3-inch screws. Secure a screw was 6 inches down the length of 66-inch board in 76-inch on board. Place the first whole half an inch from the end of the board and half an inch down from the top edge. Place the other whole one inch from the first, half inch down from the top edge. Place two holes along the bottom edge of the board, half an inch up. Place them directly under the first two holes. Place four more holes in the other end of the first board using the same placement. Repeat the process with the same location to add eight pilot holes to the other 76-inch board.

Place the boards on 2-inch sides of twin size race car bed. For the 76-inch discs, direct them so the 66-inch discs are inside the rectangle and toward the work surface. Place the ends of 40-inch discs against the sides of 76-inch discs. Adjust the position of the boards so that the edges are flush. Apply three times between the four pieces of wood. Attached together the boards use 3-inch screws. Place the screws through the pilot holes you made in Step 2 at the ends of the 40-inch discs.