Disassemble For Rustic Wood Bed Frame

Posted on Rustic Bedding

Rustic wood bed frame can be confusing to disassemble when the instruction manual has long been lost. Try searching your online bed frame on the manufacturing site. Many manufacturers can send you an extra manual or walk you through the steps. It is important to have the right tools to disassemble bed frames. The Allen key is generally the most important tool for assembling and disassembling any bed frame. Get your bed frame ready for the big move by taking it apart

You need:

Remove the mattress from the rustic bed frame. If you plan to use the mattress, vacuum the first and put in a plastic moving cover to prevent stains during the move. Look at the bed frame all the screws. Take a tool box with a screwdriver and Allen key to find the right type of screw removal tool. Remove all screws. Ask someone to keep the bed from the opposite side, so it doesn’t fall on you. Store all bed pieces in a labeled plastic bag. Place all screws inside and place them in a safe place. Lean the bed against the wall until it is ready to move. You can place a towel behind the bed frame to prevent scratches on your wall.

Tips and warnings

Place all small pieces of wood bed frame in a box as you move and label the box in a colorful ink, so this is one of the first things you see in your new home. Refrain from forcing the screws out, as you can damage the wood and prevent the screws from returning when setting the bed.