Distinctive Ikea Butcher Block Countertop

Posted on Modern Countertop

Some kitchen owners and designers have turned the butcher’s block into a cheap countertop material. Instead of using a different material for the board, these owners have expanded the butcher block on the wall to create a board. Like ikea butcher block countertop, you need to clean the wood regularly or harbor bacteria. Over time, the surface of the butcher block can be scratched and stunned, depending on the type of wood you use.

Resurfacing the butcher block requires sanding before applying a new finish coat. The good news? Butcher’s block will be revitalized after finishing the surface, making sure it remains attractive in years of use. IKEA butcher block countertop add warmth and a large workspace in the kitchen, but require regular cleaning, conditioning and sealing with oil or wax every six months to prevent it from cracking or looking dull and sad.

To protect butcher-block counters, cut meat, poultry and fish on top of a cutting board, not directly on the countertop for sanitary reasons. Apply sealants, such as polyurethane varnishes or, in areas near the drains with excessive exposure to water, but only if you do not plan any type of food preparation in that area. IKEA butcher block countertop involve the use of thick planks or stratified wood strips or glued together and held together with the pressure until the glue dries.