Diy Twin Captains Bed Plans

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Twin captains bed – A captain’s bed is a throwback to the sailboat. When traveling to other countries took more than a couple of hours and a ship’s crew did not get everything they needed on board. Perhaps it is our desire to live in a romantic past? Or maybe they just make us feel special? But children and adults alike love a well-made captain’s bed. Even on the biggest ships, the captain’s quarters would never be called “spacious”. Because of this, a captain’s bed was a small affair. For modern version, a double size mattress is a perfect fit.

You will want the bed to occupy as little space as possible. If you want to make your captain’s bed feel real, a double size mattress has another advantage. Much like a modern daybed, the captain’s bed had to serve as a seating area. A twin captains bed fits this purpose much easier than a larger mattress would. You might want to give your twin captain’s bed a slightly higher footboard (to match the headboard)? And lay a backside to serve as a backrest for some pillows and extra pillows. In this way the bed will almost feel like a sitting area, certainly, it’s very cozy. A captain’s bed is about the details.

Although a captain’s bed would never be built as a bunk bed, it would often have a raised lip along the front edge. This would work like a railing on an upper deck, to keep the captain being thrown out of bed by a sudden throw of the ship. You do not have to make a tall lip, or even run the entire length of the bed. A common modern twin captains bed adaptation of this idea gives a short raised apron on both the head and foot of the bed. Allowing the middle of the side lower for easy entry and exit.