Double Trundle Bed Mattress

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Trundle bed mattress – Types of mattresses to put in a double trundle bed. Virtually any mattress can be used to be used in a double trundle bed. Logically the materials and qualities of it will condition the comfort it offers. However, if it is advisable to pay special attention to several factors: measures, in some models of double trundle beds, the lower bed frame is smaller than the upper bed frame. This will force us to use two mattresses of different sizes. It is worth taking a look before going to your mattress specialist store.

The height of the trundle bed mattress, the dimension of the lower hollow of the bed may be larger or smaller. This will limit the maximum height that our lower mattress should have (mattresses with a lot of height, they will not work because they will not fit when we try to save the lower bed). The most usual thing is that the mattress cannot exceed 15 cm thick.  On the other hand, certain double-bed models are designed so that, once the lower bed is unfolded, it can be placed next to the upper bed in parallel; becoming a double bed. In these cases, it is important to respect that both mattresses are of the same model or height, so that they are aligned, offering a uniform surface.

Use that will be given to the double nest bed, the type of sleeper and the use to be made of the bed, will determine what type of trundle bed mattress we will have to buy. A double trundle bed is not the same for a single child’s room (where the lower bed will be used sporadically for visits from friends, cousins, etc); to a children’s room shared by several siblings (where the lower mattress will have to be on par with the superior in terms of quality); to a double trundle bed for adult guest rooms, etc.