Early Bohemian Bedroom Decor Lighting And Accessories

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Modern bohemian bedroom decor draw on foundation built of early bohemian culture. Supporters of this lifestyle decorated best humble, artistic and with available goods. Newer “boho,” “bourgeois bohemian” or “bohemian chic” styles use high-end. Carefully selected and often hyper-feminine, faux-aged furniture to create resemble shabby chic and hippie chic. Create different accessories on the same surface. Instead of just nicely placing add a hurricane lamp and a vintage ashtray on the side table near your sitting corner.

A spotted silver tea service full of lighters, a pair of vintage pens, a weathered, leather-bound writing notebook and a dog-eared copy of Victor Hugo classic bohemian work, “Romantic Army” or William Thackeray “Vanity Fair.” Use your artistic tools as boho bedroom furniture decorations. If you write that your vintage typewriter is a focal point; an artist can omit clusters of brushes in semi-dull vases; an actor or dancer should drastically drape her worn out costumes across the furniture.

Add naked bulbs hanging from the ceiling hooks over the areas that need them most. Such as writing, drawing or reading areas. If you’re looking for a lusher, Add colorful early 1900s bohemian style over bars mid-19th century version, a basket shade or paper globe over bulbs. Install wrought iron hooks around the room. So you can easily drape clothes, empty packages or bags and personal accessories. Such as necklaces or scarves.