Easy Cleaning Carrera Marble Countertops at Home

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Oh, the carrera marble countertops! As hard as it is delicate! The years do not forgive even this compact metamorphic rock that gives so much air to our homes. It’s like the screen of a newly purchased mobile phone: first you treat it with care; you love it like a baby. But over time, it does not matter if you put a wet glass on top of it and let it fall on anything. But today, we are going to learn to resuscitate its former brightness.

This is for the stains of the chimneys. Cut the fruit in half and apply it directly to the blackened or fuzzy area. Immediately afterwards, clean the place with a damp cloth, otherwise the lemon acids could eat more than the stain: the shine of the carrera marble countertops itself. He, and his partner, the hot water, will become the best friends of your decaying marble floors.

You only need the water in a bucket, a splash of soap, to introduce the mop and to drain a lot , and then apply insistently and for at least 15 days. During-all-days. The effect will take time to appear but it will be worth it, that is why you must be constant. Another day I’ll tell you another fantastic trick to clean and polish the carrera marble countertops with another product that you probably have at home and you cannot even imagine what the use…