Easy Countertop Ironing Board

Posted on Countertop Ideas

Taking advantage of a question that a reader sent me by email, today we are going to talk about the countertop ironing board room, office, or clothesline. A little glamorous but very important to maintain the good organization and functioning of the house. To optimize it and to have it in the most orderly way possible will always be our main objective.

If we tend directly on a hanger, countertop ironing board will be much easier! We will also need where to hang them as we iron. Tip:  the hangers always all the same. Ideally for me it would be to have several, one for each member of the family and another large one for household items (tablecloths, bedclothes, towels, etc.). Place to leave the iron, detergents, antical etc:  a place quite at hand but well organized.

Always close to the washing machine but better if you do not see too much. Keep them in a closet, in a small basket … If you have a countertop ironing board station, it is better not to move it too much and always keep it close to the socket. Hanging, stored in a closet, leaning behind the door … I am not very fond of those who “fall” from a closet, I see them a little flimsy…