Easy Way to Achieve Bohemian Hippie Bedroom Ideas

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Bohemian Hippie Bedroom Ideas – Bohemian décor is a freestyle incorporating aspects of hippie and beatnik, gypsy, Moulin Rouge designs with a touch of shabby chic on. A bohemian bedroom reflects this eccentric mix with lush fabrics, deep jewel tones, and items that can be found in an authentic gypsy car, a brothel, a 60’s Greenwich Village loft or a starving artist’s garret. Together, they combine in an eclectic, creative and often sumptuous manner that is attractive and unconventional.

Toss madras to throw in your bed, or hang on the wall. Choose a pattern similar to an Indian sari. Add a gypsy touch with purple or burgundy velvet cushions. Choose bright green or black bedding. For a hippy touch, reject the bed frame and box springs and place your mattress on the floor. You could also consider a platform bed or water. Pile of wooden drawers next to the bed for bedside tables.

Dress the windows in brocade dress or layered velvet curtains under a handmade border made of wool or crazy quilt satin and adorned with gold tassels on the rope. Install phosphor-style bamboo curtains for privacy and a gloomy atmosphere. Hang colorful scarves your lamps to improve the mood. Hang a molded curtain on your closet door. Choose screens adorned with beads and small bells to continue the theme. Place a vintage love seat at the foot of your bed. Upholster in orange pop velvet against the other colors in the room. Cover with cushions. Try to find some with standard tapestry covers. Create a conversation area with beanbag chairs or floor pillows surrounding a low leather-covered stool resting on an animal print area rug.