Excellent Loft Bed With Futon Underneath

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Today we have ideas loft bed with futon underneath options with additional boxes that focus on a specific type of furniture. You will know the different drawers distributed in inferior and lateral spaces, daring and surprising, which are also very practical and of low price. But if you want to have an improved product quality, there are many brands in the market that will help you install this type of bed, and if you already have, what you can do is hire your trusted carpenter and request the installation of a similar base which we will see below. Take note!

When thinking of loft bed with futon underneath with drawers we imagine the classic wooden bases with two pairs of drawers located on the sides of the base, made of raw wood and with an unfriendly design. An excellent option is to build a base of dark and polished wood bed, where the drawers are located to the front, without obstructing the transit space and other actions. It is a bed with a system of hinges in the part of the headboard that rises from the feet and has organizers inside the base. This example is perfect for storing bedding, pillows and all these things that usually occupy more space in the closet than elsewhere.

This loft bed with futon underneath is set inside a special niche and its base was raised in such a way that it needs a small step to climb it. And what is the step? The furniture itself! Once closed, they remain like a small wooden ladder to reach the bed and rest. This bed consists of a wide base that raises the level of the mattress, leaving space around for night traffic, while the base consists of a central table and several dividers, functioning as organizer and bookseller. The effect of the height is impressive and gives an imperial, free and fresh air to the area of ​​dreams.