Expensive Blue Marble Countertop

Posted on Countertop Design

Blue marble countertop is an elegant choice as surface material in all rooms. If it’s your choice for a kitchen counter top, you can be sure of the highest quality countertop and the most expensive. Marble comes from quarries throughout the world and the product varies in color and aging. When shopping for marble, the plate will be reserved for you because it will not be a duplicate. While marble is unique, it has drawbacks when used in a kitchen. There is plus and minus when working with a marble worktop.

Blue marble countertop is expensive, when comparing the cost of kitchen and bathroom countertops, marble usually comes out as the most expensive material you can use. Marble is a natural stone and its origin, market availability and the size of the quarry contribute to the cost of the product. Certain bullets are cheaper than granite but that is an exception. If you choose to use marble for a countertop, your kitchen or bathroom will immediately be seen as luxurious and costly.

No matter how beautiful your blue marble countertop, they need daily care. You must dry something away immediately. Wine is a spot villa. Tomatoes leave a mark. Pooling around a bathroom faucet or marble sink drain leaves a brown or green spot. Marble is a porous material and whatever the sealant is used, it will pick up stains.